CGM during Mammogram

Has anyone kept their cgm transmitter on during a mammogram and just covered it with a protective covering?

I had my mammogram a few weeks ago and left my Dexcom G6 on although it’s not recommended. I have not had any problems. Dexcom will replace a sensor if you remove it for radiology tests though - you just have to call afterwards and request one.


I think I left my Medtronic on too, the last time I had a mammogram, though I removed my pump. I may remove it this time just to be on the safe side.

Had my mammogram last week, did not cover my Dexcom, and it worked fine afterward.

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Alright, well, maybe it will be ok.

When I had my most recent mammogram, i informed the technician about my CGM and she used a lead “apron” around my waist to cover it (I wear my CGM on my abdomen). No issues except that apron weighed a ton!

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Same with me- I never remove my CGM sensor during mammograms (although the Techs always recommend that you do). Instead I have them cover the CGM with the lead apron & it’s been fine.