Dexcom G7 locations

Hi All
Happy Holidays,
I am currently on a Dexcom G6 and use my upper tjighs for the sensors. Has anyone else used upper thigh with the Dexcom G7?

I put mine on my upper arms. At this time, the articals I’ve read, I don’t plan on switching to the g7 until the reviews are better or there is no choice.

The official location is abdomen and back of arm I’ve only put them on the back for my arms because it’s convenient for me.

I’m sure you can experiment if you have a spot with the same tissue density as the back of arm, that won’t get bonked, it may be fine.

I’ve been using g7 since they were first available and they work great for me.

My endo said the recommendation is for arms. I don’t think it’s approved for legs. I’d be worried that readings would be inaccurate if your posture affects blood flow.

Hi Glenn, I’m using the G7 and previously used the Libre. I’m thinking of trying a site other than upper arms because I keep being woken by the alarm due to compression lows (I’m a side sleeper).
I found this video which may help you. It’s for G6, but since the G6 & G7 both use interstitial fluid to measure glucose and interstitial fluid runs throughout the body, results might be similar: 7 Best Sites for Dexcom G6 Sensor Placement (