Inpatient & type 1

I am in PA close to MD line. Wondering if anyone knows of a mental health inpatient facility that accepts and deals well with type 1s. My adult son had to go last year and it didn’t go well mostly because they couldn’t really keep his diabetes under any kind of control. I understand them not allowing pumps with tubing because it is a risk for suicide, and I understand most places have to have a blanket rule of no pumps at all but it just made everything worse, he is on the Omnipod. I don’t see there’s anyway to be able to harm himself with it. He more than likely will have to go back inpatient soon, unfortunately and I have no idea what to do as that is the one thing that’s keeping him from seeking treatment that he needs. Thank you

Hi @carrie1berrie2 . I’ll be praying for your son to get the treatment he needs for both his mental health and his diabetes.
I don’t think we are supposed to give recommendations for providers on the open forum so I sent you a private message. Please keep us posted on how he’s doing!

Thank you so much. I will try to reply if we find something.

If your son had diabetes while he was in school you might have had a 504 plan on place for him, instructing the school on dosing for meals, how to treat highs and lows, etc. Some individuals do make arrangements to manage their own diabetes care while they are in hospital, so I wonder if your son (or you on his behalf) might be able to give instructions to a psychiatric hospital, similar to a 504? Those instructions might have to come from his endo but either way it could be worth a try.
My sister is developmentally disabled and we have an excellent disability law firm that might be able to help you to make sure the legal aspect is covered. They’re in downtown DC but you might find it worth your while to contact them - they may even know if similar firms in your area. I’ll PM you the information.