Tryna make friends with t1d

Hi my name is Ryan I am 14 I’m sorta new to t1d
I’m just tryna find some friends that have diabetes that I can hang with in the adams county area in Wi

Hi, Ryan, and welcome to the club you didn’t ask for and probably didn’t want, but know there are plenty of people willing to help you out when, where, and how needed! While I’m not the age (I’m 69!) and not in your area (outskirts of DC), there may well be someone here that knows of a group near your location. You may want to look on JDRF’s website for the local org that can help direct you if no one here responds directly. Other sources would be your Primary Care Provider or Endo; ask directly or via a web portal if they have one. Again, welcome to the group, don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have, though we may need some info on how (MDI, CGM, pump make, meds, insulin type) your treating.

Hi @Ryannnn Ryan. JDRF has a chapter over in Menasha

Send them a message asking if any of their member’s kids also have diabetes and would be willing to talk.

Introduce yourself in this topic too:

If you want to find more people close by make an appointment with your school counselor and ask if they know the counselors at surrounding schools and would be willing ask them if they would please give your name to any of their students who have diabetes. If the counsellor doesn’t know people at the other schools, maybe they are new or something, ask if the counselor will talk to the principal about it. Half of my family work in schools, trust me they’d all help you with this if you asked. You may be asked to solve a problem, like getting your parents permission but you can find solutions to anything that will come up.