Omnipod 5 and Under-Patches

Hello All: My 7-year-old was diagnosed with T1D last March and is currently using the Dexcom and Omnipod 5. She handles the Dexcom very well and has no reaction/rash/itching. However, she gets a very red, itchy rash from the Omnipod 5. We have used hydrocortisone per Endo recommendation, but it only helps with itching short term.

The first thing we want to rule out (or confirm) is an allergy/sensitivity to the specific adhesive or tape material used with the Omnipod 5. I started with 3M Cavilon No Sting Liquid Barrier Film and it has helped some, but the rash is still there.

I am now trying an ExpressionMed under patch (White OmniPod UnderPatch - ExpressionMed) but it has no hole in it for the canula insertion. I was not willing to risk wasting a pump, so I cut a small hole in it for the first application (but that does allow a small piece of the Omnipod adhesive to touch her skin). The ExpressionMed website does not really address the success rate around the canula making its way through the under patch, and I was not able to find any user reviews about this piece specifically. I wanted to reach out to TypeOneNation to see if anyone has any experiences with using these under patches with the Omnipod 5 and if you have had success or issues. Or is there a brand of under patches that you have used successfully if not ExpressionMed. Thank you so much for your help!!!

I’ve never tried these but here are some under patches/barriers I found on

Thank you very much for the leads I will check these out today.

Looking forward to seeing feedback - positive or negative.