Libre 2 sensors will not scan properly

Recently we have been getting Libre 2 sensors that will not scan properly. I was just wondering if anyone else has been having this problem. I will compliment customer service they do send replacements but it’s getting aggravating to call so much.

Just wondering - area you using the Freestyle scanner, or your smartphone? I use Freestyle as a backup so can’t answer your question, but I know with Dexcom you can only be connected to one type of receiver at a time (in my case either Dexcom’s handheld or my pump).
I hope you find the answers you need!

We use the freestyle 2 scanner


I have the Libre 14 day. Do you mean when you scan you get “sensor error. scan again in ____ hours” message? I sometimes get these. I have never had a sensor that wasn’t registering on my phone or Libre scanner.

You did the right thing and called Abbott. There was a period of time when 70% of my sensors were about 30 - 100 points off. Abbott replaced them every time. You may just be going through a bad batch. Eventually, my sensors were accurate again.

When we scan sensor for start up it’s 60 min
then after warm up we get the same message wait 60 min. This is the third sensor that has done this so far Abbott has replaced but hate to keep calling about this same issue.

I do relate to the sentiment but when I have an equipment issue I remind myself it’s them, not me. Hopefully they’re taking lot numbers - it sounds like a bad batch.

Ok. That is frustrating! I have never had that issue……But I am glad they are replacing the sensors. It is probably a bad batch or two. It took me about 3 months to finally get sensors that were within range.

Hello, I had problems over & over with the Freestyle Libre 2 system when I switched over from the Freestyle Libre 14 day system. The 14 day system worked beautifully. I always used the reader, never my phone. Sometimes it gave me an error message indicating the reader wasn’t working, other times the sensor. I contacted Abbott customer service every time and they provided replacements. I finally contacted my endocrinologist who informed that many of his patients were reporting similar problems with the ‘2’ system. I then went back to using the 14 day system. There are clearly major defects with the ‘2’ system, and I’m wondering how to report this to the FDA…