Limit on Dexcom G7 Sensor Replacements

Hi All, Letting everybody know that Dexcom limits a user to only 3 replaced sensors in a rolling 90 day period- this INCLUDES replacements of faulty sensors giving very inaccurate readings. I’ve had 3 replacements this year, 2 for inaccurate sensors and 1 fell off. Only 1 falling off is because I use every conceivable extra adhesive device to keep them on. Between the terrible adhesive quality plus this limit, I’m pretty fed up with Dexcom !

Did your endo enroll you in the Dexcom orientation for G7?

If not, you should get your endo to get you in the class, pronto. It is a life (CGM-G7) saver. There are skin prep techniques that keep the sensor on in ocean water & settings where perspiration is dripping.

If you do the recommeded skin preps, this is a fantastic product.

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Hi, My main complaint is that Dexcom limits replacement of faulty sensors- meaning sensors (there have been a few over the past year) that continue to give very inaccurate readings even after 24+ hours of wear. The patient shouldn’t be punished by Dexcom for this.


What you are missing was covered in the Dexcom orientation.
Proper skin prep will prevent the falling off. In the almost 25 years of Dexcom use, I have not had a sensor fall off. Speaks to the orientation class.

I have only had a handful of true sensor failures over the many years. Knowing how to use the Dexcom tool is key.

Again, I stress that you and the others reading this comment know the Dexcom orientation should have been set up for every Dexcom user. The orientation has information seldom found elsewhere.


Okay so I’ve found that if I call to get a replacement, they’ll only allow 3 replacements every 3 months. But if you place an order online, through their website, you can get unlimited. It’s worked really well for me.


Hi Taylor,

I requested the replacement via their website’s chat feature yesterday, and they refused. They claimed (via chat) that a Supervisor would call me, but I’m still waiting.

Going back thru my notes, only 1 previous sensor fell off early, 1 gave very inaccurate readings and on the 3rd the applicator didn’t release the sensor (defective) - which I sent back to Dexcom as requested.

No Cgm system is perfect and they’re a fantastic advance in care. However I remain disgusted with Dexcom’s poor replacement policy.

I don’t ever use the chat feature. If you go to the customer service section on their website, there should be a button that says request a replacement. Maybe it’s changed recently, but hopefully that helps.

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@Darth_Yader - that works out to one replacement per month, which is a lot IMO - I would hope that wouldn’t be necessary. No offense but I wonder if use error might be part of the issue?
As far as keeping sensors in place I’ve found using a Simpatch with a shield is very helpful: the patch sticks to the skin but the shield keeps it from coming into direct contact with the device adhesive. In the event the patch starts to pull off early (and I find the patches almost always stick for the entire 10 days of the G6 lifespan) it will not pull the device out.

They are available for different devices, including the G7.

Repeating my prior post- Going back thru my notes, only 1 previous sensor fell off early, 1 gave very inaccurate readings and on the 3rd the applicator didn’t release the sensor (defective) - which I sent back to Dexcom as requested.
In about 18 months of using the G7, I had a recent string of bad luck & merely wanted all to know of Dexcom’s limit of 3 replacements in 90 days INCLUDING FOR DEFECTIVE SENSORS/APPLICATORS. Can’t help but feeling offended by Dorie’s comment implying this was user error. I’ve been using CGM devices for about 10 years, rarely have any issues & took the Dexcom training, so I really don’t think I did anything wrong.
Let’s try not to blame each other or find fault, this should be helpful forum.

I use the online, self request form and have had no issues getting numerous replacements. My son (13) has had them fall off, have reactions to the overlay, the overlay doesnt last and we replace with whats supposed to be hypoallergenic tape, but gets inflamed. Anytime we have less than 10 days, I ask for replacement. Hopefully they dont restrict, because there are no other options if they dont last. Cash price is insane, insurance doesnt care and a child truly relies on this to stay safe.
For myself, it is more rare. But definitely have had 90 day periods where ive needed a few more than 3 replacements. Some never warmed up, sometimes the placement is painful, things happen.

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@Jophilly my comment was not directed to you and in any case I meant no offense -
I was sharing a tip on products I’ve found helpful for keeping my devices in place in case that was the issue. I do agree that defective products should be replaced, but there are times when may not be the device but the user - including myself, so I am not pointing fingers. Although it may not apply to you tips about application may be helpful for someone else.
@Darth_Yader if you felt offended as well I apologize.

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Hi Karen, I’m glad you didn’t hit the roadblock I did. Next time I’ll try the method that you & Taylor suggested and hopefully have better luck. As Karen mentioned far too many things can go wrong to limit replacements to 3 in 90 days. I can see if a person continually reports sensors falling off, because they may not be applying them correctly. However when the issues are sensor failure related OR the ones Karen mentioned where a child is affected, the limit should be waived.
No worries Dorie, I understand you meant no offense.

Have a good day everybody !

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That is the same for Medtronic. Only 3 in a revolving 90 day period. For a while mine were defective, not user error. And they were not falling off. And, I think they also had the same situation, calling in you could get more, but requesting a replacement online you could only get 3. I think I have only had 2 issues with the newer Guardian 4 sensor in the almost year I have been using it.
Good luck!

Hi Dorie!

This is so helpful. I’m going to look for the adhesive cover you use for my son. Currently using Griff grip as a few samples were given to us at the hospital. But I find that when ordering from their site it’s not as great. I’m sure it doesn’t help that he’s so small so there’s not a whole lotta arm to stick to . lol !! The pic is helpful too!

Thank you!


I was just at a meeting where a dexcom rep was there. A Mom had a few instances of when their dexcom came off her kid’s arm. However it was after swimming. And specifically a certain pool that is different than others apparently because that pool it comes off but not others. Anyway the rep reminded everyone to hold down the sensor for 10 to 15 seconds after putting it on because that helps activate the stickiness.

Hope that helps,